Chicago Reader Best of 2015

Chicago Reader Best of 2015

Thanks again to family, friends and our clients for RUNNER UP in Chicago Reader’s Best of 2015.


This is our 4th year in a row to win runner up on this online vote process. This is amazing for being only a small 2 chair shop up against many 5 to 7+ chair barbershops in Chicago. We opened this shop on June 7th 2011 and for the last 4 years, our small little 2 chair barbershop in a small little neighborhood of Avondale has been a honorable mention for the last 4 years. We thank you again! We never ask you guys to vote for us as our main focus to provide the best service possible to whoever is in our chair, not silly voting things online but again it feels nice to know you appreciate what we have in this little shop.


To a great future year in 2015!
Pete & Mike

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