Pete’s Barber Shop opened on June 7th 2011 when Barber Pete Huels was given the opportunity after spending 4 years training under a Master barber. Within the first year like any new adventure, it was a struggle with only 40 clients. With a determination to teach new customers about skin and haircare and provide an outstanding service as he did to his loyal 40 clients. Within it’s first year of opening, Pete’s Barber Shop won runner-up in Chicago Reader’s “Best Barbershop” award as well named by CBS as one of the top barbershops in Chicago. With the growing of new faces, July 2012 brought a new change to the shop when the back waiting room was open to help with the wait. In the waiting room, you’ll find old horror movies posters and autographs, XBox 360, Netflix, Comic Books, and always a fridge full of cold beer.

In September 2012, Barber/Owner Pete Huels added the 2nd and final chair to the shop. With the addition of Barber Mike Weinberg to the shop, Pete’s Barber Shop continues to strive to not be the best, but continue to learn and do the best they can do. “In my eyes, there is no competition,” Barber/Owner Pete Huels says. “Do you expect to cut every guy’s head in the city of Chicago? There’s plenty of heads for everybody to cut.”

Pete Huels states the shortage of barbers may now be easing as more students are graduating barber schools, as word spreads that barbers are getting steady gigs. Since hiring Weinberg, Huels says six or seven barbers have contacted him looking for a place to cut. “The problem is, they’re all young kids,” he says. “Surprisingly enough, I do have a standard here. I like things done a certain way.”

At Pete’s Barber Shop all of our barbers are fully licensed, and we provide nothing less to protect the public. We are a Barbershop for the man’s man- we specialize in traditional and classic haircuts as well as hot towel, straight razor shaves. At Pete’s Barber Shop, we strive to preserve a vanishing craft from a lost era of time and we feel the barbershop is one of the last places where a man can go and won’t be judged. At Pete’s, we like to think we follow the creed of the old school barbering ways however adding a modern twist to it. We like to think we follow the creed of the old school ways however adding a modern twist- giving our own personality to the experience. All walks of life walk through our front door from punk rockers, greasers, bikers, skaters, steam punks, kids, businessmen, old timers and the average-Joe however they all have one thing in common… LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD.

Like the word “Barber” which comes from the Italian barba, meaning “beard”, we at Pete’s Barber Shop encourages the State of Illinois IDFPR and National Association of Barber Boards of America to protect the display and history of the barber pole where a licensed barber is not working.

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Chicago Reader 2013: Best Barbershop in Chicago: Runner up
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