MensHairStyleTrends.Com – Top 5 Best Barbershops in Chicago

MensHairStyleTrends.Com – Top 5 Best Barbershops in Chicago

Men’s Hair Style Trends has rated Pete’s Barber Shop in the top 5 Best Barbershops in Chicago.



3. Pete’s Barber Shop

5 stars – 91 reviews

Their commercial promising that “You come in ugly, you love less ugly” shows the personality of this joint. According to reviewers, Pete and Mike are everything you’re looking for – friendly, experienced, and knowledgable about hair, scalps, and beards.

Like most barber shops, it’s cash only and no appointments. Pete’s popularity means there is usually a wait but with wifi, magazines, comic books, Xbox, and beer, there’s no where else you’d rather be.

In every profession, be it lawyer, mechanic or barber, there is a small percentage of practitioners who are the “sound craftsmen” of their trade. They make it their business to find the truth about their craft, take pride in their work and take the time and effort to address the various little extras that add up. Pete is one of those people. I just had my haircut by him and it’s the best haircut I’ve ever had. – Chris S.

This is now my “go to place” to get a haircut. Pete and Mike are not only masters of their craft but knowledgeable in hair care. Every time I’m there they take the time to discuss proper hair up-keep with customers (including myself) and I often leave there more informed and always feeling like a million bucks. It’s what getting a haircut should be and feel like. – Juan M.

Pete’s also has a great product selection for your shaving and grooming needs. I will definitely be making this my regular despite the travel time and the wait. A great haircut is worth twice that. – Lucas

Both these guys are wizards.

In fact when I die, it will be written in my will that they wheel my corpse into Pete’s to have whats left of my hair cut and styled before they take my lifeless body over to the wake. – Kirk S.

2873 N Elston Ave Chicago, IL 60618  (847) 345-4008

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