Schorem vs. Pete’s Barber Shop

Many many years ago there was a record called Chicago versus Amsterdam. Chicago won that one! Now it’s back on but with some Rotterdam scumbags.

Introducing first…. from the red corner. weighing 310 pounds combined… hails from Rotterdam’s Schorem Haarsnijder En Barbier, and was rated by many, as the the scummiest scumbags of the last decade. with 52 wins, 38 of them coming by the way of knockout, and only 4 defeats. Managed by a drunken Zipcar driver named Laurence. The former middleweight champion, former, super middle weight champioin, former light heavyweight champion, and former HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD, LEEEEEEENNNNN and BRUTUUUUUUUUS. 

And In the smelly blue corner. Weighing in at a combination of 655 pounds and hailing from Chicago’s Pete’s Barber Shop and was rated as the third and sixth ugliest barbers in Chicago. With 3 wins and all of them coming by negotiating a sidepart and former tag team WENDY’S FAST FOOD CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD. THE EVIL BARBERS of PEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTE and MIIIIIKEEEEE.

Peter Huels