Our Barbers


Pete’s Barber Shop opened on June 7, 2011 when Barber Pete Huels was given the opportunity after spending 4 years training under a Master barber. Within the first year like any new adventure, it was a struggle with only 40 clients. With a determination to teach new customers about skin and haircare and provide an outstanding service as he did to his loyal 40 clients.

Within it’s first year of opening, Pete’s Barber Shop won runner-up in Chicago Reader’s “Best Barbershop” award as well named by CBS as one of the top barbershops in Chicago. With the growing of new faces, July 2012 brought a new change to the shop when the back waiting room was open to help with the wait. In the waiting room, you’ll find old horror movies posters and autographs, XBox 360, Netflix, Comic Books, and always a fridge full of cold beer.

Pete's Barber Shop, making customers uncomfortable since 2011.


Pete Huels, Owner/Barber

Illinois Barber Licensed
Illinois Cosmetology Licensed
Illinois Esthetician & Skincare Licensed

Many people have asked what path led a union painter to own a no nonsense, quality barber shop in this town. Its simple, my folks taught me it was ok to dream and gave me the integrity to follow through. I spent four years training under a master barber, finished barber college and am proud to carry on the craft he taught me. Being in the trades I learned to pay my dues, and I have. I opened Petes because I knew that if I filled this space with the things

I love: music, B.S. sessions, and stacks of hot rod magazines; others would enjoy it too. So come on by, for a shave, a trim or for advice on, well…anything. Life is too short for regrets or bad hair cuts. I also DJ under the name Coffin Banger which features 50s, 60s, 70s rock’n’ roll.

Pete's Schedule:
W-Fr : 10am - 8pm
Saturday : 9am - 3pm


Johnny Lopez, Barber

Illinois Barber Licensed

Born and raised in South Florida, I moved to Illinois in the winter of 2014 with the intention of going to barber school. When I finished barber school in the spring of 2016, I was given the opportunity to work along side Pete soon after. Just like the music scene I was heavily involved with in South Florida, barbering gives me an outlet for creativity here in Chicago.

Johnny's Schedule:
M, Tu, Fr : 10am - 8pm
Saturday : 9am - 3pm


Jake Ruta, Barber

Illinois Barber Licensed

Being born and raised in Chicago, I was always exposed to so many different life choices and career paths that I had no idea what I wanted to do with myself. 

After watching my sister work her way through the beauty industry I knew I wanted to do something along similar lines. 
In July of 2016 I took the first step in my career and enrolled in Barber School. 10 months later I graduated and became a full-time apprentice at Pete's Barber Shop.

Jake's Schedule:
M-Th : 10am - 8pm